How do you keep coming up with creative exercise combinations?


By: Gym Jones

In a past issue of the Crossfit Journal, they described a 'formula' that they follow to prescribe the workouts. I know you are familiar with it so I will not bore you with the description of it or the explanation of it.

I find their workouts boring at times and I always compare their workouts to yours. The workouts posted on GYM JONES seem to be more random never really repeating itself. My question is, do you use some sort of formula or outline to design you workouts? How do you keep coming up with creative exercise combinations?

If you do not respond I understand the rules, I was just giving it a shot. I am obsessed with the website and find myself staring at it for hours.

If you read this thanks, I am a huge fan.


We don't use a formula.

Formulas exist in a vacuum and have no relationship to the individual to whom the formula is applied. Typically, and it's the case with the CF formula, the user must adapt the formula to their current training status and objectives, and do so without adequate information regarding how. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all training program.

Ours is a very small project with fewer than 25 people training here full-time. All training is coached and directed. Some follow an individually prepared program. Some fit into a group within which training objectives, fitness, body weight, etc. are similar. Some follow an annual schedule, some are on a quarterly schedule. Peaks are determined by competitions or seasons.

The schedule is complex, meaning that several characteristics are trained simultaneously instead of using a linear model. However, each 4-6 week block has an anchor or guiding emphasis. From roughly 11/1 to 12/15 most groups are training with an emphasis on "strength" (this was the case in 2007 and 2008). Power and cardio-respiratory sessions pop up occasionally so those characteristics are not entirely neglected and power will be emphasized in the following cycle.

As for creativity ... I don't know "how" it happens. It is important to keep the training varied, though not chaotic. My goal is to keep training sessions fresh, while aiming at a specific short-term objective. We throw in the occasional random test or we repeat a timed workout to gauge progress or lack of it, as well as the scheduled testing we use to adapt the training to the individual.

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