Do you use heart rate to know if you are pushing to much?


By: Gym Jones

I am a personal trainer from the uk and have seen a lot of your work via the video links I do not want a specific workout , just a question how do you set your training? You seem to change from and use all energy systems, do you watch heart rate? How do you know if you are pushing to much?


Training prescriptions are based on an individual's objective, or on a group objective if 3-4 individuals share one. Obviously none of the fighters are training endurance in the same way as an ultra-marathoner and vice-versa.

Heart rate is useful (for the endurance athlete) in the absence of other, truly objective measurements, i.e. power. But HR is tricky and one can't use it intelligently without a large base of experience with the individual in question. HR isn't a useful measure in the gym for a variety of reasons however the main being that whole-body muscular tension followed by a period of relaxation causes HR fluctuations that are not tied to a specific level of effort. Waking HR is useful to monitor recovery status and, to follow as a trend to determine whether the day's training should be modified due to poor recovery. Measuring how long it takes to return to "resting" HR post-effort is a fine indicator of overall fitness. The "resting" number we generally use is 120/minute. If banging in the high 170s or 180s a recovery speed of 2-3 minutes indicates quite a high level of fitness, though some truly elite athletes may be faster. The recovery speed also depends on how long of a period was spent at high value. Slower recovery speeds show a lower level of fitness.

For most folks, pushing too much isn't the problem.

However, one must understand that a very solid foundation, which can take 6-12 months to build is needed to train at the intensity and volume some of our guys are going at. Johnny and James did not start truly training until we had spent a year building their foundation. Patience is required, and a long-term view helps as well.

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