I am concerned about doing the same type of exercise repeatedly


By: Gym Jones

Serious question that I have not been able to find an answer to in magazines:

Most of my lifting routines focus on total body workouts, using kettlebells (substituting with dumbbells) and mostly free weights. Because these exercises don't really single out or isolate any one muscle group, I've noticed that I rarely get sore, even after lifting every other day, with weights heavy enough to make me struggle the last couple reps in a set of 10-12. I have four different total body workouts that I rotate through, and there is very little duplication of exercises between the 4, with the exception of the squat.

My Question
It is a known fact that doing the same workout routines over and over again will put you in a trough after some time. But what about my situation, where I'm doing 4 different total body workouts in a week's time, but doing the same 4 every week? Is that still considered doing the same workout routines over and over? Obviously, as the weeks go by, I will bump up the weight, or sometimes vary up the number of reps, but I am more concerned about doing the same type of exercise repeatedly.


Doing the same thing is doing the same thing no matter how long the cycle of variation. Once your body adapts you will have to change or stagnate. 10-12 reps over and over develops what? In the same vein, 1-4 reps over and over develops what?

Use the biggest muscle in your body - the one in your head - and the rest will benefit.

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