I'm very interested in the subject of muscle confusion


By: Gym Jones

I wanted to ask you this personally so I could get your opinion and your view and also if you had any info/links to info about muscle confusion....I'm very interested in this subject and everything I'm going through is pointing me in this direction.


We use the idea of so-called "muscle confusion" or keeping the body in a constant state of shock in the context of particular objectives. It's a fine approach if general fitness is the objective because it prevents specific adaptations and efficiencies from developing.

If one's goal is more specific, more technical then random, pointless stress and workouts pulled out of a hat are bullshit since causing specific adaptations and efficiencies or economy of movement is the whole point. These days we're more focused on specific rather than general objectives.

I'm not sure where to point to learn more on the subject. Perhaps Dan John said it best, "Everything works. For a while." Sooner or later something has to change because we get really good at what we do over and over again.

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