By: Gym Jones

When it's created it's copyrighted.

In an era when information is freely available on the Internet copyrights don't appear to carry the same weight they once had. But you should know the difference between right and wrong by now.

The information on our site is the result of more than 25 years of research and experience, of suffering, and of surviving when others did not. I post it to share what I have learned, to prove a point, and to build the Gym Jones legend. You can view and even download the information for personal, non-commercial use. But don't use my copyrighted material to earn you money and stature. Or to pretend you are affiliated with us.

These days Gym Jones is a commercial organization and this website its voice. Originally it was built on the Fight Club model, "free to all" albeit invitation-only but we have sold out. Still, we don't buy into the what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine ideal: copyright infringements are dealt with vigorously. We settle disputes "out of court," in the street and trust us no one wants that ...

Author's note, January 2007: I posted this as somewhat-serious, somewhat-tongue-in-cheek, because first of all, it's the Internet, so why would I expect anyone to take such an admonition seriously? And second, who among us - I include myself, of course - is not a hypocrite? It was also a bit of an inside joke because it was the phrase, "out of court on the street" screamed from the pages of Mountain Magazine that first introduced me to Scott Backes, with whom I (later) climbed many hard mountains. It was a traffic dispute. And it was a piece of pipe. Finally, this page pissed off enough people that I'll leave it up for a while longer. Soon though, I'll grow up or decide that the page prevents our project being taken seriously and I'll take it down. I predict the latter will happen first.

Author's note, June 2008: to remain truthful I had to change some wording because Gym Jones became a commercial organization. Other than that we still feel strongly about people reposting our text and images on their own sites or blogs. Folks who work out in a particular way or even a similar way mistakenly assume they are somehow connected to us and granted special rights. Fuck them.

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