By: Gym Jones

"The thing that drew me to Gym Jones was the philosophy, the attitude brought to the training, and while I am not training for a race, or any measurable competition the mental component, the emotional understanding and the depth of self knowledge attained through the work is infinitely applicable."

"I have been incorporating Gym Jones workouts into my training regime for over 2 years now and I would not be where I am today in my profession without the inspiration and reality checks you have provided through the Gym Jones site. Your insights and training ethos do change lives, and for that I thank you, I would never have reached my goal if I hadn't been shown your site."

"Your writings on performance, commitment, anger, acceptance of pain and the idea of shaping yourself with big challenges has been deeply inspiring, and has given me a better understanding of my own nature."

"There is so much BS out there right now in the physical training world its good to see solid information that I can apply to make myself a better operator."

Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones


"When I first started reading and meditating on the things posted on your website, I couldn't help but think, what do I have to do to shadow/intern/etc those guys! As I continued, the realization set in that it isn't about training or learning from you, but learning to push myself, learning to overcome the barriers of my own, pushing to the edge and finding that the edge is a little further and pushing some more. You have inspired me and solidified my belief in how someone needs to train. I had to write and give my thanks to you and those that have fought in Gym Jones and beyond."

"The long essays in the "Knowledge" section, coupled with the rants that occasionally find their way into the schedule, provide some insight into the dedication to hard work and suffering, day after day, that is Gym Jones. I marvel at the athletes' level of commitment to achieving a particular goal and I love the overall "secret" to success: hard work and nothing but hard work, with no shortcuts."

"Thank you very much for this very positive and inspiring website. These articles have been the foundation of my training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, work, and in my personal life. I cannot express how grateful I am for stumbling into your website and wanted to extend a thank you on my behalf."

"You motivate me in ways I can't describe."

Chad Hall, about whom USA Today once wrote, "was at his most dangerous last week in the Falcons' 30-10 win against Army. He broke his own academy record by running for 275 yards, and his 333 all-purpose yards broke a 39-year old Air Force mark."


"I can't tell you how much I have gained from your insight and knowledge. Your efforts on this project are invaluable; I don't know how to convey to you the worth of the Salvation site."

"Gym Jones offers salvation by guiding a man to discover how to fish, not by publishing that fish to a website with the intent of feeding everyone. More important than providing tools and guides for program development Gym Jones provides an example of the mental attitude needed to utilize those tools to max effect. And for me that is the primary value I find in joining the Salvation Club."

"Every once in a while, more like on a daily basis, there is something about your work that both allures and evades me. Today I was wondering whether Gym Jones was Salvation or Jungle Juice, the answer is pretty clear to me. You promise nothing but pain so you are neither, I like that."

"The site helped me to reinforce my mental attitude by clearly illustrating that "the mind is primary" moreso than I could do for myself. Thanks again!"

"I joined the club because the "knowledge" is truly insightful and inspires a learning environment. Your unique community, methodology, and outcome-based training are refreshing. When I am in "self-induced therapy" (executing whatever you have on the schedule for the day), at end-state I feel stronger spiritually and know that my mind and body will reap the benefits from their combined journey."

Professional skier Dylan Freed


"I was introduced to Gym Jones last July by a member of my command. I joined (Salvation) in late Oct and have had nothing but incredible results. I have always pushed myself to be better and do more than the norm, but this training has really opened my eyes."

"This is the best money I have ever spent. On my way to the Boston marathon Monday thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work I am so psyched to be on board."

"I was simply compelled, which I rarely am, to drop a word of encouragement. There's lots of us out here who "get it" and I just wanted to express and vouch my support of your cause. I found Gym Jones (and) I can only imagine that it's a similar epiphany that religious folks boast about, when you find out you're not alone in your philosophy."

"I would like to thank you very much, for your site and all the information it includes. I had tried multiple forms and practices to get in shape and healthy. Every thing from P90X to Crossfit, nothing caught me up in its terrible grasp like Gym Jones. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to see the Gym Jones lifestyle."

"Let me begin with thanks. This gym, and the people that make it, have helped me to push myself not only physically, but also mentally. It has offered the knowledge and means for me to progress in my training."

"I found that your kool-aid fit well with my Fight Club & Dirty Harry viewings, plus my I.V. of music. I frequently use these tools to decontaminate myself from the sissies of the world living their fake lives. You have helped in aiding the evolution of my life, as you are among the few people that I can relate to and still see how much more I can go."

The boys from Unified (four of them train at Gym Jones) after the 2011 Abu Dhabi trials.


"Allow me to reiterate my satisfation from joining as a Salvation member. Every cent was worth it and the information put forth has whet my appetite. In me you have one very satisfied customer."

"I want to share the fact that man-makers with 35's makes you want to puke, and it will be shared with all future classes of police recruits as long as I instruct."

"I'm not trying to kiss-ass, as I know that you know that you are good at what you do. Instead I wanted to let you know that your advice transcends sport and is just as useful for a student as it is someone preparing to ascend a mountain and that the advice you have given to an unknown person has resonated and very much helped since it was read."

"I have been fortunate enough to attend a great deal of training throughout my career, however, I feel that the week I spent at Gym Jones was possibly the most beneficial. Without question the knowledge I gained at the course will extend my career significantly. Your knowledge and dedication to your craft was truly impressive and I look forward to attending another seminar sometime in the coming year."

"Thank you for your knowledge, intensity and the creation of the gym. Your standard of excellence compels me to expand in ways I never fathomed before I met you."

"Entering my third year as a Salvation member with @gymjones this month. Arguably the most valuable training tool I have in my possession."

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