By: Jake Hutchinson

The information on this site is a not a recommendation it's just what we do. And we take responsibility for our actions. You should too.

Most of the sports being trained for here involve some risk hence the training is not entirely sanitized of danger. Jiu-jitsu is dangerous. MMA is dangerous. Bike racing, climbing, skiing, football, skeleton and boxing are inherently risky and the chance of injury may increase with one's level of ability. Training must reflect this.

The point here is not to prove how "tough" any one is. Our point is to prepare the athletes who train here and the students we teach to play their sport or do their job better, and for longer. The greater an athlete's longevity the more experience is earned, and the more opportunity there is to exploit it.

It's easy to make a workout hard enough to crush someone, anyone. But there is no point.

Before strapping in to one of the workouts posted here figure out who it is intended for (see the Notes below the Description) and perhaps surf the Disciples section to understand that athlete's training history and condition.

Adjust the work according to your own level. Be honest about it.

Adjust your ambition according to your level of ability. And a logical timeline: you don't need it next week, or in three weeks. If you do it's too late.

Finally, don't complain if the work is too hard, or if you pass out, drop a barbell on your head, a kettlebell on your toes or find yourself sore for days afterward.

You were free to choose and you did. Now lie in it.


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