Ari Foote grew up with a healthy obsession for watching and participating in a variety of sports and martial arts. After joining a rigorous academic program in High School he let athletics fall by the wayside, although he still tried to take part in team sports like basketball and baseball. Ari held many jobs after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology but he longed to be a part of the health and fitness world in some capacity. In 2009 Ari hired a personal trainer to help him with inconsistencies in his own training, and the rest is history. Motivated by the change he saw in himself, Ari changed careers, moved to Manhattan and attended the Academy of Personal Training, a three-month program focusing on anatomy, kinesiology and program design. Soon after he began his training career at a high-end luxury gym in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It was while training for the Russian Kettlebell Certification in 2011 that he met Antonio Cordova, one of the first Fully Certified Instructors on the Gym Jones website. Ari began working with Antonio in December of 2011 and was inspired by his incredible work ethic. He was introduced to Gym Jones and the writings of Bobby Maximus and was enthralled by everything he read. It was the psychological aspect of training that attracted Ari most to Gym Jones. He completed his Level 1 seminar in April of 2012, his Level 2 in June of 2013 and his advanced seminar in August of 2014. Since completing his Level 3 seminar he has also assisted at the first Gym Jones seminar held in NYC in November of 2014, as well as a Fundamentals seminar in February 2015. Ari trains clients in private and semi-private groups at Precision Athlete in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He relishes the challenge of getting his clients out of their comfort zones and overcoming their previously held beliefs about what they are physically capable of. Ari is currently studying to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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