Michael has been in service as a Trainer since 2005. His quest for knowledge of the body and mind began as a teenager. He competed in a range of sports (predominantly basketball), acknowledging his weaknesses he researched and applied jump and weight programs to his training with the goal of becoming a well-rounded athlete.  After school he leaped into the fitness industry to become a personal trainer. In 2006, he discovered Gym Jones from reading articles about functional training and ‘The Mind is Primary’ Michael passionately shared these philosophies and approaches to training. He then applied and tested what he had learnt on himself and then clients. He had found his tribe but was yet to be initiated. Michael would continually seek knowledge and add tools to his belt by exploring other practices such as Yoga, Qi Gong, TACFIT, and Wing Chun. In 2008, he journeyed to China and trained with Shaolin monks expanding his Kung Fu experience and comfort zone. In 2009, Michael founded his own studio in Brisbane, Australia: Creative Strength. CS is a humble gym that Michael moved from a larger operation with the intention of creating an environment that represents his philosophy and creates a community of like-minded individuals. He believes what is practised inside the gym extends outside; respect (to self and others), discipline, hard work, creating healthy habits, leadership, persistence and camaraderie. He then completed the Intermediate and Advanced seminar and is humbled to be included in the Gym Jones family. Michael is fueled by working with people who are passionate constantly about discovering and improving themselves; people who are willing to reach their limits and break through those to create new ones.

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