From an early age, Rodrigo showed a great passion for every kind of sport (i.e. soccer, thai-boxing, kitesurfing). Being still a teenager he decided to change his body appearance introducing himself into the fitness world, showing all of his determination and will power into the Bodybuilding discipline. Once he achieved the goal of competing in a Men Physique Competition, he looked to increase his knowledge about physical training as a new incentive. He started on an intensive training discipline (CrossFit) and for 3 years he combined that discipline with analytics workouts which help him to maintain his body appearance. Nevertheless, he missed something more customized. He soon discovered Gym Jones which opened to him a world in where he could find everything he was looking for. High level functional training, personalized planning, involvement of every energetic system, and the consideration of the mind as a fundamental part of the physical conditioning. During the summer of 2013 he had his first contact with that amazing world. He travelled from Spain, to take part in the Gym Jones Fundamental Seminar in Salt Lake City (SLC) and also to suffer during a week with all of those super athletes. The novelty and intensity of that methodology was still in conflict with the aesthetic look of his past bodybuilding stage. But he didn’t doubt about it: physically he was better than never before and he had renovated willing to train and achieve new goals. Gym Jones is more than a hobby for him. His obsession and his desire to go in depth about this methodology took him fourth times more to SLC, to go through the different levels of the certification and become the first Gym Jones certified instructor in Spain. Even though his main professional career during latest years is not related to the fitness world, he works as a Senior Manager in the Financial Risk Services area of Deloitte, his commitment and dedication to this new family is raising. Since 2014 he has applied all the knowledge learned into his daily life and sharing it to anyone who wants to reach a maximum level of physical performance, combining his consulting work in Madrid with the design of online fitness programs and one to one personal workouts.

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