Chris, born and raised in Houston, Texas has always had a passion for athletics. A graduate from Trinity University (2005), he was a linebacker on the school's football team and was a starter on the national championship team for the 2002-2003 season. While playing an integral role on the team, Chris earned a degree in business.  Once he graduated he did a brief stint in sports photography before realizing his heart was really in the fitness world. He became a certified trainer in 2007 and has since established his own brand, Courtright Fitness, and is currently a lead trainer of Misfit Strength in Houston. He has earned his certification in movement and mobility and has recently completed the Gym Jones level 3. His clients range from all ages and abilities.  Out of the thousands of applications throughout the world, Chris was selected as one of six people to compete on Stone Cold Broken Skull Challenge in 2016.  Above his passion and dedication to the fitness world, Chris is most devoted to his wife, Simone, and daughter Trinity (age 6).

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