Preston has a formal education in technology and advanced leadership holding a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration, but Preston's true passion is being a life long student of studying techniques for improving his physical and mental being. He has studied numerous advancements in performance ranging from nutrition to fitness programs on his journey for continual improvement. The spring of 2010 when studying next level advancements in performance he came across the work of Gym Jones. Intrigued with Gym Jones' unique philosophy blending physical and mental fitness with a culture of "The Art of Suffering" he began a Salvation membership and quickly consumed all the writings and knowledge from the site but wanted more. He was a convert. Preston began his training journey at Gym Jones in 2011 with a Fundamentals Seminar. Bobby Maximus soon afterward began training Preston for SealFit Academy and Kokoro Camp which he graduated in 2012 with the class of Kokoro 22. Preston then continued his training at Gym Jones completing 100s of training sessions under the watchful eye of Bobby other Gym Jones certified Trainers resulting in one of the few people to achieve all the requisite Gym Jones performance standards. Preston has completed Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced Seminars and has assisted at various seminars and interned in the gym assisting with many training sessions. Preston has completed all the prerequisite requirements for "Fully Certified Instructor" but more importantly he embodies the Gym Jones philosophy. Preston is on a continual journey of self improvement and experimentation to find techniques for improving performance in sport, in the gym, or the "big gym" of life all while balancing work and family life. Whether it is improving one's presence and mental toughness, techniques for improving performance, or programming for specific fitness or life goals each endeavor espouses to Gym Jones' philosophy of "The Mind is Primary". To learn what Preston is studying and exploring and to also inquire about his availability for online coaching, one-on-one or group training sessions please visit

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