Hayley Bradley is a certified trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and presently lives in New York City. As a competitive athlete growing up in California, she learned the true value of dedication and hard work. Not only was she a competitive dancer for fourteen years but also a swimmer and soccer player. Hayley was introduced to Gym Jones in 2011 by her husband, a professional athlete, who was training at the gym to prepare for his upcoming season. It set her down an unexpected path that was both challenging and enlightening, broadening her horizons on a professional and personal level. After training with Bobby Maximus for three years, she decided to further her fitness philosophy education. She completed the Fundamentals Seminar, Intermediate Seminar and Advanced Seminar at Gym Jones in 2014. She was also featured in instructional content for Warner Brothers produced 300: Rise of an Empire, provided for prospective athletes. Hayley currently trains clients in a small private gym in Manhattan. She trains athletes at all levels of development in private, semi-private and small group sessions. She also offers programming for off-site clients. Hayley is grateful for all she has learned and continues to learn, but values being a part of the Gym Jones family above all else.

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