Jelmer Wijnja was born in The Netherlands and is now pursuing his dream as co-owner and instructor of EliteFit near Amsterdam. With 10 years of experience in the military as a Royal Dutch Marine and serving his country in Iraq, he became the first “Dutchie” to complete the full certification at Gym Jones. Jelmer is considered an energetic and creative spirit who is capable to manage pressure and work efficiently under all circumstances. Since sports has been his biggest passion, he competed in a wide range of activities such as soccer, kickboxing, MMA, among other outdoor sports. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist that has dedication and perseverance to train athletes, actors, and anyone willing to gain a “next level” self improvement. Jelmer has worked with UFC fighters such as Alistair Overeem and Germaine de Randamie and other high class kick boxers. His strategy is creating detailed strength and conditioning programs by dedicating time to understand each individuals’ needs. Jelmer offers his trainees supervision, pointers, and most importantly mental and physical support. He believes that any goal can be achieved with mental focus, dedication, and hard work.

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