Stuart is based in London England, specializing in providing personalized one to one coaching and programming to Executives and business owners who may be short of time, regularly travel and attend networking or client events. Why? After 6 of 9 years working in Financial Services Stuart made a decision that would change his life. Tired of a lifestyle dominated by long working hours, consistently bad food choices and excessive alcohol, of being overweight and red faced, and the subsequent lack of energy, motivation and baseline health, in 2007 he stepped into a gym. Stuart’s commitment to his own training would soon see him reap the benefits physically and mentally, but his two worlds were still separated. This changed in 2012 when Stuart began his Gym Jones journey and was immediately bitten by the key Gym Jones philosophy that ‘The Mind Is Primary’. The transferability of a strong mind and body built in the gym to not only athletic endeavors, but to business and the boardroom was the true ‘light-bulb moment’. Having completed the Foundation and Intermediate seminars in London, and the Advanced Seminar in Salt Lake City, Stuart was fortunate to be invited to spend 4 weeks at Gym Jones under the tutelage of Bobby Maximus, continuing an ongoing education process that delivers ever improving results to his clients.

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