Tommy Baker grew up both in South America and in the Northeast United States. After moving back and forth while growing up playing sports, he noticed he couldn’t keep up with his competition upon coming back – athletes in the U.S. were bigger, faster and stronger. This initial experience led him to investigate ways to train the human body efficiently, whether the goal was GPP or an athlete with a dedicated sport. Optimizing training, nutrition and recovery became Tommy’s focus, in turn; he experimented with many types of each on himself as well as prescribing it to his clients. After a short stint in corporate America in which he would spend most of his time pouring over training materials, Tommy left his job so he could finally pursue his mission of operating his own strength & conditioning facility. SISU Fitness opened its doors in July 2011 under a different name and has evolved into a 5,500 square foot facility in Fairfield County, CT offering private training, youth athletics, group training and lifestyle & nutrition design. Tommy was initially drawn to Gym Jones through Mark’s writing of the mental aspect of physical training. In his own words, “Our goals are to maximize our and our member’s potential. As humans, we are capable of so much, but are limited by our beliefs, conditioning and a fear of success. We want to break through my barriers and end up on the other side – wherever that is.” Once he visited Gym Jones for the first time in November 2011, he knew he had stepped into a culture that truly lived what it preached and was eager to share that with his own community. Since then, Tommy has completed all of the Gym Jones seminars and embarked on his internship assisting at seminars. Using the principles learned and applied at Gym Jones, Tommy truly believes change begins with your mental and physical self. Change your mind, your thoughts, your words and ultimately your actions.

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