Johnny “ Primo” Primiano is a 15 year Army Veteran with majority of those years in Army Special Operations. Primo has deployed over a dozen times to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa. While he was Army Special Forces he was able to deploy and conduct operations with Marine Special Operations Command, Naval Special Warfare Command (SEALS) and various other Special Operations units. While serving he found one thing in common with all branches of Special Operations. They were not always the most fit however, they had the strongest mindsets and mental toughness imaginable, quite often allowing them to accomplish things outside of their physical capabilities. Some of his awards while serving include, 4 Bronze stars ( 3 with Valor devices), a Presidential Unit Citation, Valorous Unit Citation and Superior Unit Citation, amongst others not listed. He instills the mindset he had in Special Operations in his training methods. Have a strong mind and push your body so you know what your true limitations are while mastering the basics/fundamentals. Currently he is the founder of Courses of Action, a company that trains people in tactical firearms training. He also does executive protection for high risk clients ranging from musicians to actresses.

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