Sport has been a way of life since I can remember. It's in my blood, innate you could say! I love the skill involve, those with talent, those with ability and those that just put in the hard yards. Competition drives me. In 2012 I was dying small deaths behind a computer screen with no real drive or passion. I was then introduced to Roark Gyms (James White) and the training philosophy behind Gym Jones. My life literally changed that day. I started living and breathing every part of Roark and ideologies behind Gym Jones. I completed my PT levels and numerous other certifications along the way with the ultimate end goal of becoming a Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor. Id found a path that simultaneously excited me and challenged me. I woke up daily striving for more, doing what I love in a industry that focused on health, on like minded people that are part of a community where relationships are real and meaningful. What more could you ask for!

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