Will Pace is the owner and founder of Pace Academy Taekwondo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Will Graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Political science. Upon graduation, Will moved to Kansas City Missouri and reignited a passion that he had started as a kid in Olympic Taekwondo. Will Remained in Missouri for two years before returning to Utah to continue his training. Will competed nationally and internationally for the next 10 years. While healing from an injury, he started a small taekwondo school. This started the move from athlete to coach. Will has always had a love for anything athletic and participated in most. Growing up Will participated in football, track, basketball and anything that required some kind of competition. It is from all sports that Will tries to pull from when training his athletes. He does not believe in only being sport specific but incorporating the many different aspect of all sports to his athletes. Will is always trying to find that little something that will give his players the edge in competition. In 2012 Will moved his school, which happened to share a parking lot with Gym Jones. In 2013 will met Bobby Maximus. Will had passed Bobby a number of times in the parking lot and it was not until Bobby enrolled his son into a Judo class that was ran in Will’s school did the conversation happened. Will was looking for some different strength and endurance training ideas for his team as well as committing to a training ideal that he also demanded from his team. After Bobby enrolled his son into the Taekwondo program, Will was invited to come and train at Gym Jones. December of 2014, Will had his first training session and was hooked. It was a group of individuals who demanded of them selves while pushing those around them to be the best that they could be. In his time with Bobby Maximus, Lisa Fresard, Lisa Twight, and all of the many great trainers at Gym Jones, Will has completed all three levels of training. In his time with Gym Jones, Will has been able to share the knowledge with his athletes. In 2015 Will was able to place one of his athletes on the Junior National team while seeing one of his senior players qualify for the African Olympic team trials. Will’s goal is to continue to learn from Bobby Maximus and all of the outstanding trainers at Gym Jones. He hopes to one day add to the knowledge and training ideas that are continuing to form his own.

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