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We're only going to say this once so pay attention.
This is the 50th installment of our "Sessions" series.

These "Sessions" videos are longer videos (i.e. 10-15 minutes) and feature detailed explanation and analysis of the workouts being done here. There is a story embedded in each video, you'll see people in our gym go through a workout experience, there will be times where someone gets coached through "the moment", and you'll see interviews with the participants. You'll see people succeed, you'll see people fail, and you will get a first hand view of what really happens in here on a day to day basis.

The goal of these videos is to teach you as much as possible so that you may greater utilize the tools we have available on the site and also so you may direct your own training in a more productive manner.

"Sessions 50” which is from July 21st, 2014 features Maximus, Tony, Shawn, Becky, and Bobbie Jo. You will need to have a full membership to view the video on the page as these videos are available to Full Members only.

Here is the workout featured in the video:

Work up to Heavy Deadlift
5x2 Deadlift @ 85% 1RM
Rest 3 minutes between sets
30sec Row @ >150m pace +
90sec Rest
Ten Rounds
During Rest period play rust do 5x Pull-up & 10x Push-up
Cool Down