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In 2005 director Zack Snyder and assistant stunt coordinator Damon Caro contacted Mark Twight to train the cast and stunt crew for the movie "300". The results of our training and dietary guidance established a standard for physique in Hollywood films that had not been previously achieved on such a large scale. We transformed 30-35 guys into ripped on-screen warriors who were strong and physically capable off-camera. We operated by the maxim that, "Appearance is the consequence of fitness," so our first goal was to achieve genuine physical capacity and let the aesthetic derive from that. It worked. It showed. And Hollywood physique has not been the same since.

General Plan

By purchasing a Full Membership you get access to a 12 week program based on what the cast and crew did to prepare for their roles in "300: Rise Of An Empire"™. You also get access to other training plans and videos included on the site.

Mass Gain Plan

By purchasing a Full Membership you get access to the 5 week training program that Andrew Pleavin followed to prepare him for his role as Daxos, in the movie "300: Rise of An Empire". You also gain access to other features on the site, including training plans, articles, and videos.

Regular Membership

Gym Jones was not conceived as a means to make money, but rather as an expression of an ideal. We like our small club. We like that the game is locked. Not to say that we don't recognize the risk of stagnation, and the tendency for closed cultures to buy their own hype. Evolution is inherent to our ideal. We welcome clients and teach seminars not only as a means to educate, but to also learn. When we teach, we grow ourselves.

Training with us will change your life. Few can make the commitment. We get it. Somewhere between digging into the website and sweating on our floor is a concept not generally found in our vocabulary: compromise.

The Gym Jones website is a beacon. We set a hilltop fire to signal a different way, and assure the like-minded that they're not alone. We hope you see our light, and we hope you'll answer the call.

$500.00 per year, payable in advance. Upon initial registration annual members will receive: A special edition T-shirt for Salvation members only. Full members have access to ALL Salvation content.
$50.00 per month for a 12-month commitment without cancellation privileges. Monthly fee auto-billed on the anniversary of the join date. Monthly members do NOT receive t-shirt. Full monthly members have access to ALL Salvation content.
$10.00 per month. Cancel anytime. Monthly fee auto-billed on the anniversary of the join date. Members receive some training plans, some knowledge articles, some videos, and the past 3 months of the complete calendar, none of which are available to the public.
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Gym Jones opened doors in 2003. Invitees were trained free of charge. It was private and an experiment. Lessons learned from climbing mountains were applied to strengthen and condition. It soon became a collective. We never pushed or directed. Our ideas evolved, organically. In 2005 we put together a website to share what we were doing, thinking and where our ideas and attitudes originate from.

Several students were exceptional jiu-jitsu coaches. They trained four days a week for a year, and soon became capable trainers themselves. Two years after starting the gym we accepted our first clients. In 2007 we gave our first public seminar. Up until that point we'd subsidized the gym and its sponsored athletes entirely with our other jobs. Today we remain small and exclusive.

Joining the gym requires commitment. If you want to train -- you pay upfront. We don't sign contracts. You're either in or out. Not everyone is willing to join the virtual gym based to the same rule set, so Salvation enrollment is offered in a few different methods.

  • Articles: Knowledge section is much deeper than on the public site
  • Training Plans: Addressing different sports and objectives
  • Videos: Inspirational, entertaining, instructional
  • Audio broadcasts: Instructional, thoughtful, provocative, inspiring
  • Q & A Database: Thorough replies to member questions
  • Images: Searchable by keyword, movement type, and date
  • Videos: Searchable by movement type, classification, and date