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Mark Twight
aka: WFMFT
Age: 52
Ht/Wt: 5'8" 148#
Work: Author, DOD consultant, Gym Jones Founder
Favorite Drink: Flavr-Aid (the harsh-tasting alternative to Kool-Aid)
Deadlift: 365#
Clean & Jerk: 165#
Power Clean: 185#
Snatch: 130#
Front Squat: 225#
Overhead Squat: 155#
Pull-Ups: 40
Weighted Pull-Ups: +106#
Turkish Get-up: 85#
500m Row: 1:28:2
2000m Row: 7:05
5000m Row: 18:51
Beacon Hill (west ridge): 33:36
Grandeur Peak (west side): 56:00
Denali 14k to summit : 5hrs 30min

2013: Five Peaks ski mountaineering race (16 miles, 7000' elevation gain), in 4:47:09 with Jeremy Rietmann. Again, psyched to finish with fewer mistakes and better placing.

2013: Power Of Four ski mountaineering race (26 miles, 11,700' elevation gain), in 7:32:58 with Vince Anderson. Psyched to have simply finished it.

2010: Sanpete Classic road race (70 miles, 2000' elevation gain) in 3:16:31, 1st place, Masters 35/B category.

2010: Tour de Park City road race (150 miles, 6700' elevation gain) in 6:57:36, 2nd place, Masters 35/B category.

2010: Dead Dog Classic stage race, Laramie, WY: 2nd overall in the Masters 45+ 4/5 category, 2nd in the road race, 3rd in the criterium, 2nd in the time trial.

2010: Elkhorn Classic stage race: 2nd place stage one Road Race, 4th place stage two Time Trial, 3rd place stage three Criterium, next to last place stage four Road Race to finish 10th overall. Masters 40+ 4/5 category.

2010: University of Utah Omnium: 1st place in the Hill Climb Time Trial, 5th in the Road Race, Masters 35+B category.

2009: Logan-to-Jackson (206 miles, 7500' elevation gain) in 9:37:50, 12th place in the Cat 4 group - 4 seconds behind the winner - and 68th overall of 1053 starters.

2009: 9th place (Cat 4) in the Tour de Park City road race. 170 miles, 9500' of elevation gain, 8:28:53.

2009: Dead Dog Classic stage race, Laramie, WY: 6th overall in the Masters 45+, 4 group, 5th in the Criterium, 3rd in the TT.

2009: Guided the West Buttress on McKinley. Vince Anderson, Rolo Garibotti and I took 7 Navy personnel to the top from the 14,000-foot camp on the 12th day of the trip.

2008: 21st (of 51 starters) in the combined Cat 4/5 category in the Everest Challenge two-day stage race, in 13hrs 53min. 206 miles and 29,000' of elevation gain.

2008: 14th (of 69 starters in the Cat 4 field) in the Logan-to-Jackson road race. 206 miles, 7500' of elevation gain, 9hrs 47min.

2008: Guided the normal route on McKinley. Rolo Garibotti and I took 6 Navy personnel to the top from the 14,000-foot camp. I went to the summit twice in three days.

2007: 5th (in my category, 23rd in combined 4/5) in the Everest Challenge two-day stage race. 215 miles (112 the first day and 103 the second day) and 29,000' feet of elevation gain, the height of Mount Everest. 13:47:52.

2007: 34th (of a field of 115 racers in the 45-49 age group) in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic road race from Durango to Silverton, CO. My second race, fun and brutal at the same time. The course covered 48 miles, 5600' of elevation gain and crossed over two passes of 10,600' and 10,900' respectively. 2:53:14

2006: 43rd place in the Trofeo Renato Chabod ski mountaineering race up and down the Grand Paradiso. Total elevation gain (shortened course) 7100' to an altitude over 13,000' and 15km (+/-). Time of 3hrs 51min ... a "mere" 1hr 11min behind the winners.

2006: 25th place in the North American Ski Mountaineering Championships. The course gained (and lost) 6185' over 13km. Time of 2hrs 41min ... a "mere" 40min behind the winner.

2005: 96th place in the Trofeo Mezzalama (the world's oldest ski mountaineering race). Total elevation gain during the event is 9,389', with descent totaling 10,318', across 27 miles of horizontal distance reaching a maximum altitude of 13,864' in a time of 7 hours 55 minutes. "I was happy to have finished."

2004: 11th place in the Powderkeg ski mountaineering race, Utah: 1500 meters of elevation gain and loss across 13.5 kilometers in a time of 2 hours 21 minutes.

2000: Third ascent of the Czech Direct on Mount McKinley, Alaska. The first ascent took 11 days, the second ascent took 7 days. "We climbed the 9000' face - McKinley's hardest - in a 60-hour non-stop push."

1998: First ascent of "The Gift that Keeps on Giving" on Mount Bradley, Alaska. "House, Blitz and I did the 3000' route over 3 days in March during real Alaskan winter with temperatures dipping to -30 degrees F." It is unrepeated.

1994: First ascent of "Deprivation" on Mount Hunter, Alaska in 72 hours roundtrip, (43 hours non-stop). This ascent halved the previous fastest time for any route on the North Buttress of this mountain.

1990: First to solo the Czech Route on the north face of Peak Communism (7495m), Pamirs. TD+, 3000m, AI4, in 24 hours roundtrip.

1988: First ascent of 'The Reality Bath', the world's first Grade VII frozen waterfall, 600m, VII, WI6+, 5.7, in nine hours, with Randy Rackliff. Heralded as 'the most difficult in the world' at the time. Later labeled 'the most dangerous', the route is still unrepeated.

1988: Speed record on "Slipstream", a 3000-foot high frozen waterfall in the Canadian Rockies. "My solo ascent in 2 hours and 4 minutes (most teams take 12 hours) set a record that still stands in 2013."

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